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Quixote’s Cove is a bookshop that actively engages with the community in order to promote art and literature. We believe that art and literature are some of the most powerful and transformative tools available to us. They gives us access to ideas and understanding; empathy and compassion; nuances and complexity. We hope to develop a reading culture and an appreciation for the creative arts in and from Nepal. To this end, our primary objectives are:

  1. Establish customized retail book outlets in diverse spaces
  2. Provide managerial, promotional and logistical services to the creative industries in Nepal
  3. Provide teacher trainings, library setup and curricular development services to schools and colleges

We believe that the freedom of expression and discourse are central to a democratic and progressive society. We work in both urban and rural communities to promote art and literature as a means of encouraging disenfranchised youth to think creatively and critically, express themselves, and be heard. Through our events and projects, we engage with and provide a platform for literature from the many languages of Nepal.

Our working environment is built on the values of trust, understanding and consideration. We believe this allows for collaboration and the achievement of goals beyond the limited scope of the individual. This means realizing that work is only a part of life and that there is much to learn and share.


Jawalakhel Lalitpur Nepal
Phone: +977-1-5536974
Email: info@qcbookshop.com

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