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On the Writing Impulse with Byanjana Thapa

For Byanjana, the impulse to express herself arrives as an emotion.“My relationship with poetry was when there was this cute emotion that could come knocking, and it could come at any time. It could be three in the morning,” she...

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The Copper Filter

  We are made up of two different things. We are the story of how they met. I was bought at a small shop in G Gaun, Banke, for the ‘Goda Dhune’ ceremony, when the feet of the newlyweds are...

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In the last two decades, we’ve shifted to six different places. Each city I have lived in holds bittersweet memories. 

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Constructive Criticism

What is constructive criticism? Constructive criticism is a helpful way of giving feedback and well-reasoned opinions. It usually involves sharing both positive and negative comments, preferably in a polite and respectful manner. It helps us  provide specific suggestions to help...

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यात्रा: घरहरूबाट घरसम्म

एकअर्काको कथा सम्पादन गर्ने तथा फिडब्याक लिने र दिने अभ्यासबाट लेखिएका कथाहरू लकडाउनको बेलामा केही हदसम्म उज्यालोको स्रोत बनेका थिए । रातो ठुलो बुक बससँगै विभिन्न विद्यालयका कक्षाकोठासम्म यात्रा गर्न नपाए पनि जुम सेसनबाट घरदेखि घरसम्मको भ्रमणमा पनि रमाइलो भने...

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Victory and Forgiveness in Folk Tales

Victory over evil is one among the many themes and teachings of folk stories. Over hundreds of years, people remember and retell stories about victorious figures defeating monstrous personas. Evils are crushed to death, and that is how our stories...

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