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Stories of Spring

The instructor’s training that led to me working with the Book Bus, with workshops, reading sessions, and school visits, had made me realize how I could contribute to provide a beautiful learning experience to at least one student. Even that,...

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The Book Bus Delivers a Fresh Love of Books to Jhapa: A Media Coverage

"The Book Bus awakens, from within, a love for books and a love for reading", local representative Gita Adhikari tells Janata Television in this press coverage of the Book Bus in Jhapa. With that same motive to inspire a love...

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मन्चमा महिला, नेपालटार

डायरी, कलम र कविताको नमुनाले भरिएको झोला बोकी उत्साह र हौसलाका साथ भृकुटीमण्डप, ठमेल, सोह्रखुट्टे, बालाजु हुदै रानीवनको पारीपट्टीको नेपालटारमा पुगेका हामीलाई पर्खिरहेका थिए थुप्रै घरका रानीहरूले

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Whispers Blend Into Wishes…

Fellow instructor Bishnu Raj Bhatta and I had been assigned to facilitate a MakerStation session with the students from grade seven. We entered the class with boxes loaded with batteries, tapes, markers, motors, wires, etc. While we were settling down,...

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A Journey through Space and Time

"I bet everyone in the world has gazed up at the stars at some point in their lives thinking about our position in the universe and the reasons for being alive."

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The Book Bus Greets Delighted Students: A Media Coverage From Nepalgunj

The young girls from Madarsa Darul Uloom Barkatiya talk about their new-found love for libraries in this media coverage by Himalaya T.V. The Book Bus visited the madarsa on the 9th of March, 2019. The Book Bus team has been...

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