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The Book Bus takes Zoetrope to Jhapa!

This Zoetrope module combines storytelling and maker components to acquaint students with the fundamentals of making movies and animations.

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The prospects of STEAM Education in Nepal

The idea of STEAM education was proposed to promote productive engagement among learners in issues and problems associated with science, mathematics and related curricular areas.

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IEF 2018: STEAM as a transformative tool

In this Innovation in Education Fair presentation, Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel, professor of math education at the Kathmandu University School of Education, presents the STEAM pedagogy and its pertinence to the Nepali context.

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The Bookbus: A Special Home

The Book Buses, both big and the small, full of books for children, wouldn’t move an inch without Dalhang Tumbapo. Since the arrival of the Book Bus project in Nepal, Dalhang dai has been the only driver the Book Bus...

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Shall We Let Go of Rote Learning?

Enter the classroom and take a student's textbook. Dive straight into the lesson. Read out and teach based on textbook. Write questions and the answers on the board. Ask students if they have understood. The end.

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On Reading the Truest Sentence

Sentences are tools I am most familiar with. The first handful of sentences I read in my life were from a book of nursery rhymes, and the rhythm of the words with their accompanying illustrations took such deep roots in...

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