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“K” for Kathmandu// Community Participation day

The US Embassy’s Book Bus made its way to Lumbini for a three-week long program from February 18 to March 10. During our trip in Lumbini, the Book Bus team worked with schools, teachers, local youth and Women’s groups. This...

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Art and Science

Most of us are attuned to learning facts, figures, and logic behind the scientific concepts. However, we don’t try to create something out of what we learn, which is the prime essence in understanding how everything works in science. By...

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Innovation in Education Fair : Innovation in Education// A panel discussion

The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is a forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make our teaching and learning practices more engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. It features organizations and individuals working to introduce innovative...

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Reclaiming possibilities

On a chilly evening last December, two Tamang women appeared in the front yard of a guest house in Gatlang, one of the impoverished villages in Rasuwa district hit hard by the April and May earthquakes. They were greeted effusively...

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Budani : A play // IEF 2017 Theatre Act

During the Innovation in Education Fair 2017, many organizations and individuals took to the stage to showcase their stories, speeches, poems and plays. One of such performances, “Budani” is a Tharu play performed by Actor’s Studio and Srijanalaya as a...

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When Seeking the Right Answer is Wrong

Not content with -- or maybe unable to believe -- our insistence that there was no one right answer, the young girl running after us must have decided to give the question one last try before we left the school...

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