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What’s the plan?

Like every child, I used to spend lots of time watching TV; in fact, most complicated human emotions were introduced to me by cartoon characters. Tom and Jerry taught me what rivalry was, and Power rangers coached me to face...

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Educating our communities

A conversation with Babu Lal Tamang, Vice Principal, Chilaune Secondary School on the opportunities and challenges of running a community school.

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The Innovation in Education Fair 2017: Pokhara Edition

This year, we have decided to host an edition of the Innovation in Education Fair in Pokhara to share our work with a wider audience, engage in conversations around Nepal’s education system, and offer our resources to a wider network...

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The Innovation in Education Fair 2017: Kathmandu Edition

The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is a forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make our teaching and learning practices more engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. It features organizations and individuals working to introduce innovative...

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Jhapa On My Mind

This February, the US Embassy’s Book Bus visited Jhapa in Eastern Nepal for a three week long trip. During our visit there, we collaborated with Readers Jhapa, a literary group; Dehi Arts, an artist’s collective; the Jhapa Arts and Literature...

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Students are excited to read and listen stories.

Bringing communities together through books and poetry

The Book Bus worked with the community in Kalika municipality in collaboration with the Word Warriors to conduct storytelling sessions, readings, movie screenings, exhibitions, poetry workshops and performances.

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