Book Bus Log

Students are excited to read and listen stories.

Bringing communities together through books and poetry

The Book Bus worked with the community in Kalika municipality in collaboration with the Word Warriors to conduct storytelling sessions, readings, movie screenings, exhibitions, poetry workshops and performances.

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Art in the open

The Book Bus revisits Gorkha with tales, memories and art in tow.

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The Book Bus at AVM School

The Book Bus team visited AVM School in January 2016. The Book Bus was parked inside the Recreational Center in Kantipath, with the onset of the fuel crisis last year. But here’s what the Book Bus team was up to. Video...

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Overcoming Our ‘Science’ Fears

We think science shouldn’t be hard for children and we treat them as little scientists who are discovering the world. But the curiosity that should be inherent in studying science often gives way to the fear of the subject in...

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Book Bus without the Book Bus  

At a time when the ongoing fuel crisis in the Kathmandu valley was effecting everyone, the crisis had repercussions on the Book Bus programs as well. The Book Bus, lacking fuel, is now quietly resting inside the premises of the...

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Photo Kathmandu 2015: A Visual Treat

The Book Bus partnered with to help with the festival’s educational outreach and programs. During the festival, instructors from the Book Bus gave guided tours to students from different schools including Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Kasthamandap Vidhyalaya, Patan Higher Secondary...

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