Innovation in Education Fair 2018

The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is a forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make our teaching and learning practices more engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. It features organizations and individuals working to introduce innovative approaches to education in Nepal. The Fair creates immersive experiences for teachers, guardians, and administrators in these approaches through exhibits, workshops, presentations, screenings and performances. It hopes to provide a springboard for collaborative efforts that make learning a fun, memorable and experiential process.

Innovation within the context of this Fair is understood to be a new idea, process or approach that challenges educational practices based upon memorization and reproduction. Something is innovative to us if it builds the capability of people to read, write, think, speak and express independently.


Strategic Objectives of the IEF

The IEF is a platform for questioning, sharing and exploring the various aspects of education from classroom practices and curricular development to our educational system and philosophy. It intends to broaden our understanding of education and create a bigger market and broader coalition for improving educational practices and systems. To this end, the IEF has five strategic objectives built into it:

At the classroom level: Provide immersive experiences to teachers, educational administrators and guardians on experience and sensory based educational practices

At the curricular level: Highlight the importance of designing contextually relevant localized co-curricular teaching content that goes beyond the textbook

At the organizational level: Encourage cohesive dialogue and discourse between organizations that value the arts in education, hands on experimentation and creative learning practices

Within the Education Sector: Provide school leadership, education focused development organizations, and government bodies a space where they can access and recruit different ideas and approaches to education based on their interests, budget and needs.

At the individual and social junction: Explore what we understand by education, what/who it is for, and why we associate value to it

Program Format and Details

This year, we are planning on only working with around 60 schools this year. School compositions will be mixed between private and community schools with around 25% of them coming directly through partnerships with local municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley. The Fair has two distinct components – two days for Educational Leaders (16-17 Aug), targeting school and community leaders in education, and a three days for Educators (22-24 Aug) designed to introduce teachers to a variety of different educational approaches. The final, sixth day will be an open Exhibition (25 Aug)  and will involve small group discussions, performances, exhibits and a book launch. 

Download the full schedule here.

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