“K” for Kathmandu// Community Participation day

The US Embassy’s Book Bus made its way to Lumbini for a three-week long program from February 18 to March 10. During our trip in Lumbini, the Book Bus team worked with schools, teachers, local youth and Women’s groups. This trip was focused on our Science program, Histories from Home: An interdisciplinary writing project, and Rainbow City: A mural pilgrimage. As a part of the Rainbow City program, our team of artists designed a mural to be made in Tenuhawa Community Secondary School, Lumbini.The mural made in Lumbini is based on the Rainbow City workshops conducted at Jagriti School in Kathmandu.In this video, grades 3 and 4 of Tenuhawa Community Secondary School took part in painting buses, cars and bicycles on the mural as a part of the community paint day.

Rainbow City is a Mural Pilgrimage that takes murals designed in one location to be made in another, encouraging cross-community engagement and exchange. The mural designs take inspiration from the languages of Nepal and its script. Each mural is designed around a letter incorporating words and images that have phonic resonance with the letter. The Design Inspiration Workshop and Mural Making phases occur in two different locations. It is the program’s hope that the workshop and the mural will encourage regional connectivity, community building and the building of new friendships. The workshops are meant to encourage participants to learn and appreciate the different cultures and languages that comprise their community. Through the exchange of postcards, participants also gain a chance to make pen-pals with people from different regions of the country. The community-based nature of the mural-making process encourages dialogue and collaboration. Since the mural design comes from a different region, it also allows participants to learn more about Nepal’s rich diversity. By engaging with different segments of the community where it is being made, the mural brings them together and encourages dialogue, collaboration, and belonging.


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