Photo Kathmandu 2015: A Visual Treat


Photo Kathmandu is an international photo festival that was organized by in Patan from Nov. 3 to Nov. 9, 2015. The Book Bus partnered with to help with the festival’s educational outreach and programs. During the festival, instructors from the Book Bus gave guided tours to students from different schools including Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Kasthamandap Vidhyalaya, Patan Higher Secondary School and Shuvatara School.

In this age, it is very easy for young people with their smart phones and digital cameras to take photography for granted. Exhibits in the festival introduced them to the history of photography in Nepal through pictures that were representative of the gradual development of the technology. They also learned the differences in the way the art was accessed and perceived by photographers and the general public. One of the exhibits, Camera Obscura introduced them to the basic science of how images form in our eyes and photographs with a spectacular inverted view of the Patan Durbar Square from a room overlooking the square behind the Char Narayan temple, now fallen to the earthquake.

During the tours, students observed and enjoyed the works of different photographers from around the globe. One particular group stumbled across Kishor Sharma, the photographer of the wonderfully vivid exhibit, “Living in the Mist: The Last Nomads of Nepal” that featured the indigenous Rautes in black and white. They interacted and got to hear more about the Rautes from the artist himself.

In the exhibit of the Retelling History’s workshop, they had the opportunity to see works made by other students. Some of the students from the schools that had participated in the workshop had quite the thrill of finding their own work featured in the exhibit. After our tours, we encouraged them to come back with their family and friends. Sure enough, we gave tours to other students; we came upon many of them with friends and family, eager to share what they had learned.


Written by Nasala Chitrakar (BookBus Science Program Coordinator) 

Picture Credit: Shailendra Kharel


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