The Extraordinary Adventures of Little Buddha in Bhairahawa

During the first week on Dec. 2014, the US Embassy's Book Bus visited a school in Bhairahawa. This comic book was a created by students of grades 7, 8 and 9 through multiple workshops on writing, storytelling and illustrating over a five day period.


Back in December 2014, the US Embassy’s Book Bus visited a Bhairahawa Model Higher Secondary School. The visit was coordinated with the support of the American Space in Bhairahawa while a meeting of all the American Spaces was being hosted in their newly setup premise.

At the school, the Book Bus conducted science workshops around the Climate+Change moving exhibition, conducted story telling and book reading sessions and the comic book workshop. The comic book workshop approached learning from the perspective of making. Through multi-step collaborative process, the story and characters in the comic were all generously shared by students from different grade. The comic book was the first collaborative venture between students from grades 7, 8 and 9 in the school’s history. In total, over 300 students contributed their ideas, stories, writing, illustration and coloring skills towards the project.

While the process was intensive, the students still remember the fun they had and how “not-school” that whole experience was. But in so doing, we hope they learnt a bit about how to craft stories better and communicate their ideas in a more clearer manner. We hope they were able to glimpse the many ways that one can interpret a picture or even a sentence. We hope they saw what they can create, if they put their minds together.

The comic book was left with the library at Bhairahawa Model Higher Secondary School and we believe its suffered considerable wear and tear.


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