The Innovation in Education Fair 2017: Pokhara Edition

This year, we have decided to host an edition of the Innovation in Education Fair in Pokhara to share our work with a wider audience, engage in conversations around Nepal’s education system, and offer our resources to a wider network of educators. We hope that the two days of intense discussions, experiential workshops, and immersion in the arts and sciences will give us renewed energy to continue our work.

The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is a forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make our teaching and learning practices more engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. It features organizations and individuals working to introduce innovative approaches to education in Nepal. The Fair creates immersive experiences for teachers, guardians, and administrators in these approaches through exhibits, workshops, presentations, screenings and performances. It hopes to provide a springboard for collaborative efforts that make learning a fun, memorable and experiential process.

Innovation within the context of this Fair is understood to be a new idea, process or approach that challenges educational practices based upon memorization and reproduction. Something is innovative to us if it builds the capability of people to read, write, think, speak and express independently.

Registration and Schedule:

Educators, Teachers, and School Administrators interested in taking part in workshops sessions on September 15 and 16 must register in advance as seats are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Interested teachers can register here:

Day 1: September 15 / Bhadra 30

Day 2: September 16 / Bhadra 31


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