The U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus: Call for Explorers.

The Book Bus

What is big, red, full of books and looking for explorers?

The Book Bus!

The U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus invites young, aspiring educators and explorers who are passionate about the arts, sciences, technology, and education to travel around Nepal.

We’re looking for people with a spirit of adventure, a willingness to learn, and the gumption to do what it takes to make things happen. The ideal candidate is someone who:

– loves to learn and to teach
– is willing to experiment and learn from failures
– is interested in the arts and/or the sciences
– wants to do something meaningful in life
– is committed, creative and kind
– prefers deeper quality engagement over showboating
– is willing to take initiative and be reflective
– is fun to travel and work with

As part of the Book Bus team you will:
– sit through a range of workshops that will help you become better thinkers and educators.
– learn the ropes of project and event coordination.
– travel to different places in Nepal, spending anywhere from three days to three weeks in each place.
– make science and technology fun for students and yourself through hands-on experiments in and outside classrooms.
– help students use language and arts as a medium to reflect on different social issues and to express themselves.
– collect folktales, myths, and stories from communities and classrooms, and help young students create their own stories.
– Make community murals and encourage the use of the arts within our educational system.
– share our love for books, stories and libraries.

Find out more about the US Embassy’s Book Bus here:

If you are selected to be a part of the Book Bus team, when you travel with us, your food, accommodation and travel expenses will be covered, and you will be remunerated for your time.

Training starts in mid-September. To apply, fill out this form:

Deadline for applying: August 25, 2019

Selected applicants will be invited for a round of interviews.


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