The Great Hairy Khyaa: English

Durga Lal Shrestha

In the inky illustrations, where quiet shadows loom and capture endless imaginations, could the Khyaa be lurking, just waiting to...

La.Lit Volume 9

 The Food Issue of La.Lit digs in beyond the warm pleasure of food and into its inextricable roots in culture,...

खस्रो बिलौना

खस्रो बिलौना is a collection of Nepali spoken word poems by the Word Warriors. Themes of parental expectations, familial callings,...

Longing And Belonging

Longing and Belonging is a collection of poems by the Word Warriors. It is a contemplative exploration of places –...

Wandering Feet

Nasala Chitrakar

Wandering Feet explores the world through the self. This chapbook wanders through Kathmandu, through Gorkha and Illam, each place imbued...

Covering Up My Cold Feet

Yukta Bajracharya

Covering Up My Cold Feet illuminates deeply personal roots of life. The inner tumult of being, an aching home, feminine...

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