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Folk Lok

The Future of Dāphā

Triratna Manandhar

Though Dāphā music has been carried forward as a culture by the Newa indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley, Dāphā songs are not only sung in Newa language. Some songs are in old Maithali, while words from Sanskrit are also used in Dāphā songs.

Folk Lok

Dāphā Calling: Revitalizing our music heritage

Book Bus Nepal

The U.S. Embassy's Book Bus is working with Tahnani Dāphā Khalah to host a three day discussion series on Newar music traditions through its Folk Lok program.

Book Bus

The Moving Forum: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Book Bus Nepal

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The Moving Forum will be examining the various aspects of the topic this month. Learn More.

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