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Quixote's Cove

Safu Mentorship Program 2024

Quixote's Cove 2024-03-26

The mentorship aims to help emerging writers and storytellers struggling to complete their manuscript or graphic layout by providing guidance, supervision, and editorial mentorship.

Quixote's Cove

Radha's Story: From Callout to Book Launch

Suvani Singh 2023-12-22

Suvani Singh, Director of Quixote's Cove, reflects on the publishing process of "Radha: Wrath of the Maeju" by Rishi Amatya.

Quixote's Cove

Book Review - Radha: Wrath of the Maeju

Trishagni Sakya 2023-12-09

I didn’t know that as a Newari girl, brought up in the valley, I needed this book, in this genre, in this language, to revive my love for my identity.

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