Our Programs

Our programs use stories, art, and literature to develop a critical consciousness, challenge oppressive practices, effect change, and enable self-actualization.

U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus

The Book Bus is one of the nine American corners run by the American Library. It is sponsored by the American Embassy in Kathmandu and is operated by Satori Centre for the Arts. Since November 2013, the Book Bus has travelled over 20,000 kilometres in Nepal. It has visited over 1,233 schools, colleges, and community centers and directly worked with over 250,000 people.

Word Warriors: Spoken Word Poetry Group

We are a group of poets and educators leading the spoken word movement in Nepal. We write, perform, and facilitate spoken word poetry workshops, organize events, and implement programs around poetry, literature, and poetry-based education across the country.

Breaking the Bracket

Breaking the bracket is  an annual year-long feminist fiction writing program geared toward Nepali female and non-binary writers,Breaking the Bracket seeks to build communities of feminist writers and change the mainstream narrative

Histories from Home

Since 2017, we have been running the Histories from Home workshop series to work with communities across Nepal to collect and share personal and communal histories through objects, events, spaces and memories.

Women on Stage

Women on Stage is a spoken word poetry program designed for women over the age of thirty, exploring their inherent talent and prompting their expressive talent.

Media Literacy and Writing Workshop

The Media Literacy and Writing (MLW) workshop is a course that helps build an individual's ability to evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information and use this information to write informative texts to examine and convey complex ideas clearly and accurately.

Experiential Learning Programs

A museum learning program where students learn ecological concepts relevant to their curriculum through games, activities and museum resources at the natural history museum in Kathmandu.

Rainbow City: Community Murals

Rainbow City is a thematic mural series that exchanges murals designed in one region with murals from another, encouraging cross community engagement.

Civil Rights and Liberties

Workshops, discussion, exhibitions and film screenings introducing the concept of inequality and the importance of civil rights and liberties to institutionalize democratic procedures, ensure the protection of human rights, and establish the rule of law to create stability, peace and prosperity.

Innovation in Education Fair

The Innovation in Education Fair (IEF) is an annual forum for educational professionals to discuss how to make our teaching and learning practices more engaging,  meaningful, and memorable for students and teachers. 

Nepal Reads

Nepal Reads is a program under the U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus that aims to promote a reading culture and critical thinking skills in Nepal. We aim to build communities of readers all over the country and encourage the sharing and exploration of unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.

Professional Development for Teachers

Our Teacher Empowerment Program includes three teacher training programs that support teachers in implementing progressive teaching practices. These includes Literacy through Literature for primary school teachers, Everyday Science for science teachers, and Write to Think for secondary school teachers.

Folk Lok

The Folk Lok project will support Tahnani Dāpha Khalah, a traditional musical group in Kirtipur, in document, record and recreate their tranditional music practices. A music education curriculum will be built based on their traditional practices. 

STEAM Programs

A Book Bus program that fosters collaborative, entrepreneurial and a problem-solving culture among the Nepali youth through experiential engagement with scientific concepts and theories.