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Dāphā Calling: Revitalizing our music heritage

The U.S. Embassy's Book Bus is working with Tahnani Dāphā Khalah to host a three day discussion series on Newar music traditions through its Folk Lok program.

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Dāphā Calling is a four-part panel discussion series that will revolve around the knowledge within traditional music groups from the Newar community which are called Dāphā Khalah in Nepal Bhasa. This series is presented by the U.S. Embassy’s Book Bus and is jointly organized by the Tahnani Dāphā Khalah, Kirtipur, Satori Center for the Arts and Quixote’s Cove. We aim to create a virtual space for Dāphā practitioners, researchers, music educators, policy-makers and local stakeholders to come together, share and learn from each other.

Program Details:

Opening Ceremony
19th November, 2020| 10 AM to 11 AM

Speak about Dāphā Khalah: A conversation on Dāphā rituals and pedagogy and the possibilities of adopting new approaches to them within Dāphā Khalahs

Details: 19th November, 2020 | 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Language: English
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Expanding the Dāphā Khalah: A conversation on the various challenges and prospects of making Dāphā Khalahs more inclusive.

Details: 20th November, 2020 | 2 PM to 4 PM
Language: Nepali
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Dāphā on Stage: A conversation around integrating the Dāphā tradition into Nepal’s music and creative industries.

Details: 21st November, 2020 | 2 PM to 4 PM
Language: Nepal Bhasa
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Locale in Focus - Tahnani Dāphā Khalah: A conversation about Tahnani Dāphā Khalah and their attempts at revitalizing their tradition by building stronger connections to local businesses and other community organizations.

Details: 21st November, 2020 | 5 PM to 7 PM
Language: Nepal Bhasa
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The Book Bus is a mobile library and creative learning space. It is sponsored by the American Embassy in Kathmandu and is operated by Satori Centre for the Arts.

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